Turquoise tubes

I bought these fat white heart tubes a while ago, the seller thought they were either Czech or French.  I’m guessing Czech, but I’m really not that knowledgeable.  They’re large in diameter, with large holes.  A 15 would fit inside.  I’ve been messing around with paper and pencil, and then with beads, trying to figure out a design that would show off their beauty.  I’ve paired them with vintage Czech beads in a very light chartreuse, which looks nearly yellow.  The color is actually in very subtle stripes in these beads, they look a little like Italian gooseberry beads, which I’ve had the good fortune to see once in person.  The base color is a lighter yellow-green than the stripes.

So this is the design that’s made the most progress.  It’s a combination of right angle weave, square stitch, and brick stitch, otherwise known as messing around.  The width is 1″.

turquoise-tubesIt’s not nice and even, and finding a clasp I like to go with it is going to cause me fits.  I’m trying to decide if I should keep going.

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    1. I agree — my other idea was to make a double toggle closure, using the tubes as the toggle, and just simple loops of the yellow-green. I’ll have to see, esp if I want to continue! I’m contemplating our BFAC project right now….

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