Turquoise and pearls

I purchased this Kingman turquoise cab perhaps two years ago, and created the pendant. Turquoise-and-pearls-pendant

What I had not done is figure out how to make it into a necklace.


Pearls were the solution. I wanted something with a substantial enough weight to match the pendant, so purchased these creamy stick pearls and tanzanite potato pearls (that’s how they were labeled!). I like it, and it’s sent to its intended recipient – the same intended recipient of two years ago.

I like doing the precise work of good bead embroidery. This finished edge looks quite nice.


I think my next bead project may be bead embroidery too. I have a beautiful lapis cab from a friend who lived in Chile for a while; lapis comes from Afghanistan and Chile. It’s got some pyrite in the stone, and when I purchased the pearls, I also bought some small pyrite beads. I have been daydreaming how I want to use the lapis.

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