Today at the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts

It’s such a treat to have a great museum like MIA in my city, and free — then I can go and enjoy a few of the galleries, spending an hour, and not feel guilty or like I should spend more time. I get more out of a museum experience when I don’t spend so much time there that I get overloaded and don’t appreciate the individual works. Below are a few of the treats from this visit.

This is a detail from a Cree pad saddle from 1860.

Detail from an Anishinabeg (Ojibwe) bandolier bag from 1890.

Next up was some modern art, one gallery contained work by Max Schollett, and another of Margaret Pexella Granlund.

By Schollet, these are Cub Food bags (a grocery store chain), arranged to form black lines.

Another Schollet piece, this is a roll of masking tape.

Schollet used magazines (usually 2 per rosette) to create this installation; this is a detail.

Granlund cuts pictures with precision to make her works.

Another Granlund.

I went to one of the textile galleries next, samples below from Chad Alice Hagen and Jack Larsen.

Hagen stitches together pieces of handmade felt for “Histories R Felt : Secret Loves of Plants.

Detail of above piece.

Larsen’s Kano Cloth; this isn’t only woven, there is also surface design. I like the colors.

And finally, just a gorgeous Art Nouveau vase.

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  1. It’s a fabulous place! I also went to the Saarinen exhibit (there’s one at the Walker too), and enjoyed the architectural drawings and models (not owned by MIA, so no pictures allowed). The math in the Gateway Arch was fun to see. I’d like to see that in person. You have just a few great museums in NYC. 🙂

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