Tin Thread necklace

I took a class today at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota with Katherine Buenger. It was one of their Try It! classes, which are mostly one session. I love Sami bracelets – I purchased one several years ago at an American Craft Council show, and enjoy wearing it – and Katherine designed this necklace using the same techniques. The tin thread is pewter wire, containing 4% silver, wrapped around a cotton core. The leather and antler closure are reindeer. Below is my completed necklace. It is flexible enough to drape nicely, and I like the closure visible on the side in the front.

A closeup of the clasp.

A closeup of the braid.

Now, I did the braid correctly, but I didn’t fully follow directions on which hand held a particular pair of threads at a point in the braiding process – at least that’s what we determined, because below is how the braid should look. In my defense, I have long hair that I wear braided. I am practiced at braiding flat.

Mine is flat, and looks the same on both sides. Hers is cupped, with a different side profile than mine. My finished necklace is done with the gauge of thread of the center sample, and 28″ long.

If you want to make a necklace like mine (but with the right profile!), or a bracelet, check out Katherine’s classes at Bead & Button.

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