Tila spiral spiral

Last night, I got my shipment of the 50-ish cube beads I needed to complete this spiral – so this morning, I finished the spiral and put on the Swarovski button before work. I have to decide how plain or embellished I want the loop for the button, which I’ll do over the weekend. This spiral is from Claudia Schumann’s Spiralketten book.

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  1. does this book come in English ? or are you not from the USA
    I Would love to buy her book but can not find it in English or any other good books in English showing different versions of my favorite stitch spiral, do you know of any?

    your work is beautiful and I love her work as well but I can not understand the language

    1. Hi there! Thank you for the compliment! No, it does not come in English, and I know only a little bit of German. I followed her diagrams. Also, Claudia speaks English, so you might be able to email her and ask a question or two. I think this is the best book on spiral variations. Carol Wilcox Wells has some variations in Elegant Beadweaving, but not nearly as many as Claudia does, and with the bead choices now available.

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