Tidying up art

Last summer, I attended a series of three lectures entitled “But is it art?,” culminating with a visit to the Walker Art Center.  It was taught by a trainer of docents of the Walker, and it was on understanding contemporary art.  Here is my summary of session 1, session 2, and session 3, if you’re interested.  I don’t have an art background or training, merely enjoy it, so going to the lectures and the Walker was really enjoyable.

Fast forward to today, and I just watched a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek video of Ursus Wehrli at TED, on tidying up art.  You can enjoy this whether you like or dislike contemporary art.  The visuals are great fun, and the commentary amusing.

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    1. Thank you! I requested both titles through interlibrary loan, and I’m really looking forward to getting them! It looks like they are both translated into English, although I’m not sure that’s essential for enjoying them. I can see how he would be a good clown, his timing is excellent. I agree, it is art.

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