Thrifted rhinestones and beads

I bought this wonderful, 3 1/2′ rhinestone chain at a thrift store. It’s tarnished and the rhinestones aren’t really sparkly – which makes it perfect for everyday wear, right? Perhaps from the 50s? It’s unsigned, so I don’t feel guilty about cutting it apart. Below is version three of a possible cuff.


And here is a sample of a short length of a completed cuff width.

rhinestone-bracelet-2 I’m toying with what I want to do for a clasp. Initially, I thought I would buy a silver clasp of the appropriate width. Then, I considered making it a slip-on bracelet. I think I want something closer fitting than that, so my current idea is to cut an Ultrasuede tab to attach to each end, sew on snaps to fasten the bracelet, and embroider beads to cover the tab. I will have to decide on the clasp before I have to cut the rhinestone chain. I don’t want to waste any, so I can make more sparkly jewelry.

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