Tambour beading update

Robert Haven is a costume technologist, Associate Professor of Costume Technology at the University of Kentucky.  His website is rich in photographs and descriptions of his work.  Robert recently read my earlier post on tambour beading, and introduced himself in the comments.  He has studied with the granddaughter of a Puerto Rican tambour embroiderer, and has taken sabbatical to learn at Lesage in Paris, and the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace.  Next summer, he is teaching a class in Haute Couture French embroidery – thread, beads, and sequins! – in Lexington.  Someone go and report back!

ETA: Robert has videos on the process on his website.  This is the view from the top, and this is the view from underneath.

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    1. It does look amazing! The price is right in line for a 4-day class, and I would get tons out of it. If I lived there, I would go – adding in flight and lodging makes it too hard for me.

  1. That is my problem too, if it had been in Chicago, I could just about afford it, as I wouldn’t have to travel, or stay in a hotel. The price of the class is good for what is being offered.

  2. Hey all.
    Thanks for all the kind remarks about my little obsession with tambour beading! If there are a few folks in a geographical area who would like to have an intensive masterclass that is possible. In the words of a 1950’s TV show…”have hook, will travel!”

    I am determined to get tambour hooks into as many hands as possible to keep the art alive!

  3. HOLEY TOLEDO! I just saw this posting & am so interested in this class! I was looking & thinking how this could really fit in with my bead embroidery. Lexington is really close too. I’m going to count my pennies & see if I can do it.


  4. Thanks all ,
    Dot I sent you an email. There is a space from a cancellation that came in minutes before your email so its yours if you want it . Otherwise both the June 2-5 and 7-9 classes are full. Who Knew?

  5. I would like to take a class on tambour beading . I am a quilter and I love the art with beads etc. Are you teaching in South Carolina or maybe in Huston Texas at the national Quilt show in October 2011. If you are comming to a location near me please advise. Where can I buy a nice large tambor frame? The price of the class is in line with other classes I take. Peggy O

    1. Thanks Peggy and Dulcey!

      Well I dont have any plans to do workshops during the school year. My University production schedule makes it impossible for me to get away .
      I will be offering masterclasses in KY next may and June before I return to teach in San Francisco…tat will be my 4th summer there…I must be doing something right! I will be sending out notices of my Ky classes as well as some in Berkley Ca while I am in San Francisco for the summer. Those notices should be going out by the end of September. Check this web site in late September . It will contain the link to all the summer class info.
      Peggy contact me (rwhave2@uky.edu) for info on a tambour frame.

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