New necklace design

I wanted to create something simple in appearance, clean-looking in design, and interesting. I like it – it combines stack stitch and right angle weave, using just two colors. I can see the possibilities with color; I think black for the stack stitch part, and various brights for the right angle weave part would be attractive. Maybe even shading, with the center three-bead part of the right angle weave being a darker shade.

This necklace is a gift, with the hope of matching a specific piece of clothing. Why, oh why, didn’t I take a photograph of the clothing? I hope my memory is correct.

I believe this makes three pieces of beadwork in a row that were made as gifts. I have a partially completed project on the work table that is for me, but I have to get back to Beading for a Cure. It’s due in about a month. Also, I need to sit down and experiment more with this camera.

False starts

Or is it learning opportunities? I also am trying out a different camera. An interesting process, that. Once I figure it out, it should give me the best pictures yet. This photo is done with as complete of a depth of field as I currently know how. More of the shot is in focus than was possible for me before.

Teal twisted right angle weave necklace – and fringe!

The rope is my twisted right angle weave (instructions on Buy the Kit), a lovely flexible rope. This time around, I decided to string the completed hollow rope onto Soft Flex, and use that to attach the clasp. I wanted to make it easy to clasp, so that’s a magnetic clasp you see. The minor challenge was to determine how short to compress the rope — it stretches, and I didn’t want the stringing material exposed at the clasp. The pendant is removable, stack stitch and fringe. Thread-grabbing fringe!

Palawan bracelet completed

Using this bracelet design by Remue-ménage, I have completed this bracelet:

I really like how it looks. This toggle looks great, but isn’t as secure as I’d like, as the loop is fairly soft and doesn’t hold this great open square shape as well as it could. I have lengthened the bar once already. At some point, I may add some loops TO the loop, to tuck the ends of the bar into. I haven’t done so yet.

It’s a great design, available from Remue-ménage here. Make your own version!