Tila spiral spiral

Last night, I got my shipment of the 50-ish cube beads I needed to complete this spiral – so this morning, I finished the spiral and put on the Swarovski button before work. I have to decide how plain or embellished I want the loop for the button, which I’ll do over the weekend. This spiral is from Claudia Schumann’s Spiralketten book.

Tila spiral

This isn’t done, but here’s a sample of a third spiral from Claudia Schumann’s Spiralketten. It’s very cool, a great design! This is going to be set aside while I finish up Beading for a Cure, but it shouldn’t take long to complete when I have time again. This one is for me!

Picot spiral

I recently purchased Claudia Schumann’s Spiralketten, a book of her spiral stitch variations. The text is in German, but if you understand spiral stitch, her instructions are easy to follow. The basic variations are described and illustrated at the beginning, and pictures of various spirals and their stringing/beading count follows.

This is her picot spiral, and I used the beads I had on hand. The spiral of green on the outside is supposed to be the 1.8 mm cubes, but I used particularly blocky seeds (Matsuno?). I gave this as a gift, and the recipient loved it!