A rose necklace


I finished a project, a gift for a friend. Rose luster, ivory, champagne ab and gold matte seed beads with ivory and round pressed beads. My own design with a mixture of techniques. The clasp is a brass magnetic ball clasp; I shortened the pink herringbone rope at each end to keep the spacing close to the same as between the elements. As always, the challenge of trying to smoothly integrate the clasp.


Pretty pink luster beads! Each element is 3/4″ (20mm) across, total length about 25″ (64 cm).

(Better pictures than last post, yes? I hope?)

Snowflake 2012

I make a snowflake for my Christmas tree every year. This was the one I made for this year – Swarovski beads, copper charlottes, copper-lined 2-hole beads, and some lined green seeds that work with the Swarovski. I’m not sure it looks like a snowflake, more like a flower. And this continues essentially the same color scheme for many of this year’s gifts.