Swirl beaded basket

Pretty thing, isn’t it? Last summer, when I took a class from Diane Fitzgerald, she gave us these instructions that are in the April/May Beadwork magazine. This is the piece that I made at that time; I knew they were going to be in Beadwork, so I waited to post this. The beads are Italian, and with a subtle dotted stripe of solid and transparent beads, in addition to the bright colors. The colors were inspired by a Marimekko chair. Top view:

I took the picture on a light table, with a tent, which is how the solid/clear is more easily visible.

The shape is firmed up with acrylic floor finish. I couldn’t find the recommended Pledge with Future, so this is another brand, made by a floor manufacturer. It’s really quite interesting — it is still flexible, but it definitely holds this shape (it didn’t before I dipped it). This is the first time I’ve stiffened up beadwork with anything other than lots of thread with beeswax. I’ll do it again!

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  1. That’s awesome! I just received my copy of the most recent issue of Beadwork where I saw Dianne’s beaded beads, but I would have never thought of turning them into a vessel. Spectacular work!

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