Suface Design Association Confluence sessions announced

The Surface Design Association’s annual conference is going to be held in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, with associated activities June 4-17, 2011. The sessions for Confluence have recently been announced. There’s pre-conference workshops June 4-8, an exhibition on June 9, conference sessions June 9-12, and more workshops after the conference, until the 17th.

For certain, I want to go to the exhibitions. Here’s a pdf of the various exhibitions — it’s going to be a wonderful time to be in the Twin Cities! There’s also speakers and events.

I see a three-day sculptural crochet workshop with Jody Colella, a two-day felt-making workshop with Sharron Parker – oh! There’s a five-day workshop of resist dye felt books with Chad Alice Hagen. That sounds great; I wonder if they have an open studio night, at least? I see shibori, metal mesh, joomchi, mixed media, weaving…

SDA has a quarterly publication, and in 2003, one of its issues was The Beaded Surface. It’s sold out, but here’s an image of the cover, from their website:

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