Shiny is my favorite color, part two

Here’s the second installment of pictures from this show, just ended at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.  These are Jo Wood’s works.  She expertly creates these detailed beaded scenes on handmade wool felt.  I have always loved Wood’s beadwork, and her use of color and stitch placement and direction makes beautiful art.  I saw some of the pieces at a show earlier this year at The Grand Hand, and it was a treat to revisit them. (My earlier post on that visit.)

As a disclaimer, the light was quite low, and these pictures were taken without flash and hand-held, with very slow shutter speed.  The case was lit from the top, and the pieces on the lower shelf was particularly difficult to photograph (which is why I could only get details of a couple of pieces).


Cabin Yard (Here’s Wood’s much better picture.)


Seasons of Light, detail (Here’s her picture of a related work, First Snow.)


Pussy Willow Time (Wood’s picture)


Coneflower 3


From Blossom to Blossom, detail


Iris Triptych III (Wood’s picture)


Iris, detail

Time in Place Diptych consists of two framed panels.  Top framed panel, with a single square of beading at one end:


Part I – Winter – It Snows Alot



Part II – Spring – Wing and Song; Summer – The First Day; Autumn – Wild Ride

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  1. Wow! This is great stuff. Thanks for telling us about Woods. Do you have any sense of what she charges for her work. For instance, what would the Coneflower III go for?

    1. She is amazing, I’m glad you enjoy her! I looked on her website to see if there was any pricing, and I couldn’t find any. She’s represented by The Grand Hand, an excellent fine craft gallery in St. Paul, MN. You could email them and ask – I honestly don’t remember; I’m just busy admiring and wishing I could touch it. Jo is pretty much unmatched in this kind of landscape beadwork.

      On a side note, I have handled a piece of Jo’s beadwork. She used to do beadwork on beautiful soft leather, and also beaded a lot of ravens. I met someone who had one of her purses. Put supple leather together with a large beaded raven on the purse flap? Hard to return the purse!!

  2. They’re all gorgeous. Thanks for your reply to your earlier message. Definitely worth checking out the Grand Hand gallery web site and Woods’s own site as well.

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