Seed pods


I recently sent these off as gifts, and I think it’s safe to post them now; here’s a couple of my seed pods in shades of grey, intended as pendants. I had this design published in Beadwork Creates Earrings, and it was fun to revisit. I also recently made a starfish and mailed it off (also my design, also published) – and I forgot to take a picture!

I have been beading every weekday morning that I’m not traveling – I’m on week four. I don’t have a lot of time, so don’t have tons to show, but I am getting some time behind the needle. Now I would like to find some time to get behind the sewing machine, a book or two, my Weave-It loom, and sundry other things I’d love to make.

Meanwhile, my morning time is up, and I’m off to work! I have another piece of beadwork nearly finished, for myself this time. I’m contemplating two things: how long do I want the necklace, and the clasp! Always, the clasp…

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