SAORI One samples and learning

I received my loom about a week ago and began weaving on it the next morning. There is an error in the warp from the factory. Since the idea of SAORI weaving is immersing in the process, with irregularity as “the beauty with lack of intention,” maybe this was on purpose? If that’s the case, why only one? Something to ponder as I weave.

Another color.

I bought four 1# cones of relatively fine cotton. The lime is all cotton, the grey and blues are recycled cotton, with at least 80% cotton. The warp is 6 meters (about 19.5 feet, but I’m going to lose perhaps 3-4′ because of the design of the loom), and I think I’m going to just play with these four colors for the length. I’m trying different versions of clasped warps, where I take the warp across, hook it around a second color, and return while pulling the second color partway, without pressing the pedal and changing the warp cross.

More clasped warps. Alternating the light blue and the grey looks almost like a self-striping yarn.

With the grey and the green stronger-colored stripes, I’m making multiple passes without changing the warp cross. I like it.

I’m into clasped warps.

I have no idea how much I’ve done, and how much I have to go. I’m just weaving. When I went to the SAORI workshop last summer, I wove quickly. Now, I’m working more deliberately, but I’m not planning ahead. That would be un-SAORI of me.

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