Report on beading every day in November

Feel free to skip this post – boring, wordy details, probably only interesting to me. So, here’s what I managed to do this month, with a concerted effort to bead every day:

  1. 20 minutes of beading on the denim right-angle weave bracelet.
  2. 2 hours on above, with taking the plunge and cutting and rebuilding a component I previously thought unusable – plus blogging.
  3. Beading at night this time, about an hour. I’m out of the habit of beading at night.
  4. 25 minutes of beading on the denim bracelet at the end of a very long day. Right angle weave is slow!
  5. 45 minutes beading, the “messing around” version on a possible future project. Everything will be taken apart, but I know one version of this project that won’t work!
  6. Really, I just wanted to go to bed; the day was too full to bead. But I put in 30 minutes on the denim right angle weave.
  7. 15 min today, down to the clasp on the denim bracelet.
  8. I now know it takes me about 30 min to make a cubic bar of RAW 11 units long, with closing each cubic unit, and adding spines with a row of beads in the gaps. Yes, this is a slow stitch.
  9. More than 3 hours on a clasp for the bracelet, and it’s not going to work. Looks fine, good even, when it’s not under stress – but when it’s pulled in opposite directions as a clasp is, it deforms.
  10. 15 minutes token beading – the start of another attempt on the clasp.
  11. 20 minutes more on this second clasp attempt.
  12. Another hour+15 min on this clasp – it might work! I can see how to attach the toggle, but I have to figure out how to attach the bar.
  13. This clasp technically works, but I don’t like it. Just 15 minutes showed me that I don’t like the gap it will have to have between the bracelet and the clasp to make it work.
  14. Maybe 30 min on a start of another clasp.
  15. 15 minutes, and one side of the clasp is done.
  16. 45 minutes, and this clasp won’t work either. I might get part of it to work, we’ll see.
  17. Maybe another 30 min on the same thing?
  18. 20 more minutes! If this one doesn’t work, it’s becoming a UFO for a while.
  19. Just a few minutes of beading again.
  20. Ditto.
  21. I spent a fair amount of beading time blogging on Diane Fitzgerald’s award; beading was a token few minutes so I could say I had done so.
  22. I think I have a working clasp! It’s more an art piece than a piece of jewelry, but I think it will work. Maybe 20 minutes?
  23. Token beading again. Too busy with Thanksgiving.
  24. Beaded some while dinner was settling, another double-headed arrow started, maybe 20 minutes.
  25. No beading today, shoot, broke my streak. I was working, not shopping, but I ran out of time and steam.
  26. More than 90 minutes beading today! I think I might finish this bracelet this week, then on to Christmas presents. If the clasp does prove to work.
  27. 45 minutes of beading on the denim bracelet.
  28. I did some leisurely beading while watching tv, starting the last double-headed arrow. In real time, maybe 45 minutes?
  29. 15 minutes beading before work.
  30. Token beading to round out the month, still on the denim bracelet.

Looking back at my entries over the month, I’m pleased that I stuck with the plan and beaded (almost) every day, even if only a few minutes. Also, I’m not going to add up the hours I’ve spent trying to figure out a clasp for this bracelet! I enjoy the learning and experimenting, so I’m not frustrated.

Up next? Finally finishing this bracelet. Also, Christmas present beading. This means I need to have other things to blog about, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

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