Quilt project

A coworker at a former place of employment (a former coworker at a former place of employment?) is retiring, and for a gift, one coworker is putting together a memory quilt.  She asked for photos, did photo transfers onto squares of fabric, and we are to embellish them in any fashion we’d like.  I think some will use embroidery, some will use markers, and I’ll enjoy seeing the mix of ideas!

There is a small aquarium with a clownfish in this building, so I found a good picture of a clownfish in anemone, and requested that be transferred.  This isn’t the same kind of anemone in the actual tank, but it’s an excellent picture.  I’m going to bead it, of course — the fish only, and leave the anemone unaltered.


I need to determine how I’m going to do the white — do I want rows of bugles?  Sequins?  Haven’t figured that out, but I do have my oranges all lined up in a row!

We’ll be presenting the squares to her at her retirement party, and the organizer will be sewing them together afterwards.

8 thoughts on “Quilt project”

  1. What a lovely project Dulcey & I think your little clown fish is delightful. I think sequins will be great for the white stripes too & easier to get the shape than bugles. BUT whatever you do I know it is going to look great!

  2. Hi Dulcey,
    What a beautiful project! That’s a great picture and the colors are perfect to cheer you up during a cold winter day. 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll do it justice!

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