Quilt project – part 2

Okay, I can go a bit too far sometimes.  I wanted this to look more like a fish, more scaly and fewer lines, so I’m sewing the beads on individually.  I like the effect, but I didn’t really allow enough time for it.  And I liked the look of these small transparent flat ab sequins with pearl ab charlottes for the white.  THAT part went fast, which I appreciated.



13 thoughts on “Quilt project – part 2”

  1. It looks awesome!! Good plan to sew them on individually, it really gives it a textured, scaly look!
    You may not have time, but it’s worth it! Take it to work and hide in the back and bead!
    Cheers, Denise

    1. Perfect use for a nailhead, that eye! The random angles is sometimes a bit hard for my brain that wants to put them on all in a nice row. It certainly is a different look than backstitch/couching. Sequins look good and scaly, I’m happy with that decision.

  2. Sequins are so great on a beaded project, they fill the area quickly and I like the contrast with the flat sequins and the nubby beads. I use them a lot when I do bead embroidery, they are also good for filling the spaces where beads might not fit (I use the 2mm to fill in the gaps between shapes,etc). Your piece is absolutely beautiful!

    1. I agree, I like the change in texture that the sequins provide – I knew I wanted some change, I’m glad I had sequins on hand that worked. I think I have some of those bitty 2mm ones – I might need to do another Cartwright buy sometime. Thanks for the compliment!

  3. Nice job Dulcey, how bit is this guy? I agree about sewing the beads on individually giving it a better texture, I did the same thing with my ‘Under the Sea’ Starfish last year – time consuming but worth the effort in mho.

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