Quilt project – completed!



Here it is, all done!  The color is more accurate on the first picture.  The fin is brick stitch, attached to about 1/3 of its length, then it comes off the face of the beadwork and gives it some dimensionality.  I’m satisfied, even with its flaws.  I did improve on this technique and blending as I progressed.  And I’m slow on the uptake — I was trying to remember who I’ve seen do this kind of bead embroidery, with much more expertise.  Rebecca Brown, with the fur on her lemur in “Just hanging around.”

This went over well.  The recipient of this quilt weaves, quilts, embroiders, and knits, so appreciates handwork of all sorts.  She’s also the kind of person I want to emulate, learning and creating and physically active — and 80.

If you’re like me, seeing the back can be interesting too:


14 thoughts on “Quilt project – completed!”

  1. This turned out soooooooooooo well! Really excellent detail. And it’s so fun to give things you’ve worked on to people who appreciate the work that went into it, yes? Congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Kat! Like I said, overall I’m happy with it – given more time, I’d go back and fix the lines, minimally — but since it’s not done in orderly rows, might actually be hard to do. I love giving my work to people who appreciate it, and she definitely does. I’m honored to have a piece of my work in with all hers, you know?

    1. Thank you, Carol! You know, I should do more bead embroidery, I find it satisfying – on my website (link up top), in my gallery, I have a fun heart I did a couple years ago. I think that was literally my last bead embroidered piece.

  2. Dulcey, this is amazing. I love the way you have melded the fabric with the beads into one beautiful piece of quilted art. Would have loved to have seen it in person.

    1. Thank you, Ellen! If I ever get a picture of the full quilt, I will share it. At the retirement party, the organizer took our contributions, and she is assembling them. I’d like to see it too, so I can see how it went together.

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