Premio Dardos

Kndla gave me this award! In Spanish:

Este premio reconoce los valores de cada blogger en su compromiso personal con el mundo cultural, literario y los valores personales al comunicarnos mediante la creatividad.

Using Google Translator (because I know very little Spanish!) — and Spanish-speakers, feel free to correct me:

This award recognizes the values of every blogger in his personal commitment to world cultural, literary and personal values to communicating with us through their creativity. (grammar edited, thanks for the help Sylvia!)

Thank you, Kndla!!

I’m to pass this on to 15 bloggers I admire, who fulfill this description (and trying to at least not duplicate Kndla’s list, and checking blogs quickly to see if others have nominated them). That’s a lot, this will be fun going through my links.

  1. Ande Gyöngy
  2. Beadlust (Robin Atkins)
  3. Contemporary Bead Art (Mary LeMieux-Ruibal)
  4. Dóra gyöngyei
  5. Fofinhas Perlenstuebchen
  6. Gem and Beaded Jewelry
  7. Immer weider Perlen
  8. Jewelry and Beading (Cyndi Lavin)
  9. les perles de Frany 7/09 – this artist’s blog appears to be no longer available
  10. Mary Tafoya’s Seriousbeadin’
  11. More Than Somewhat (Charlene)
  12. Murphy’s Beads (Sabina Anderson)
  13. Smadar’s Treasure
  14. Svetlana’s Site
  15. The Lone Beader
  16. Try-to-be-better

I’ll work on my counting to 15 later….

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