Powerless beading

I’m on day two of no power (storms with trees downed over power lines), and it’s forecast to be nearly five days before power is restored. And I finally did some beading! I have been very busy these last several months, and when I have down time, I’ve been relaxing by not-beading (reading, etc.).

Also, I don’t like how my eyes are changing as I age; I don’t like wearing reading glasses, which I only need for beading at this point. I have always been nearsighted, so I’m used to wearing glasses or contacts. In other words, I am being silly and just have to get over it.

Back to no power: I had promised some small beady gifts for a family member to give to someone. I finished with entire hours to spare, but not before power was restored – this photo is taken with my phone outside, and I’m blogging from my phone. We shall see what it looks like when I hit publish!


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