Petrified wood

I recently got back from a vacation to the western United States.  This is one of three upcoming posts relating to that vacation.  First, the most picture-intense post…

I fell in love with the petrified wood ALL over the place in Escalante Petrified Forest State Park in Utah. Logs, stumps, branches, pieces — tumbled all over the place.  Click on the image to see it larger.

Collecting wasn’t allowed at the park, but I later purchased several pieces that were gathered outside the boundaries of the park — the last picture in the gallery above.

I hope to make the cab into a necklace or bracelet. There’s at least 4 projects ahead of this in the queue, however. The large chunk (20 pounds) will become a focal point in a rock garden in my backyard.

6 thoughts on “Petrified wood”

  1. OMG, those are just wonderful. I LUV that area of the US. Did you make it down to the actual Petrified Forest in Arizona just west of Albuquerque? I have some pieces that I bought also, and love looking at the colors of the rocks and then running my hands over the texture. Oh, now you’ve made me want to go back out to Utah. dot

    1. No, didn’t go to the AZ one, “just” this UT one. It was amazing – I’ve seen petrified wood in situ before, but not this quantity. There were logs, stumps, everything, all over. I still can’t believe it! The colors are ours, aren’t they?

  2. Oh you know it! We were out there to a place around Capitol Reef where we 4WD back to this place called the Temple of the Sun and the Moon & Cathedral Rock. Fabulous area. But it was exactly like you stated with big chunks of petrified wood all over the place & big gigantic logs just scattered every where. Oh I love the landscape of Utah. The colors all just call to me.


  3. By the way, these are very cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen petrified wood. It’s great that you have a skill/hobby with materials like this — I would be tempted to buy pieces, but wouldn’t have anything to do with them. Post pics of your garden and jewelry when you’re done!

    1. Well, don’t hold your breath on the jewelry – or the garden, for that matter! But I will certainly post a picture of the jewelry, at least. I think the last time I saw petrified wood might have been as a child, or perhaps a piece at the Science Museum or something. Which obviously made a big impression….

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