Petal possibilities

I’m looking for flowers to accompany the daisy I made, now attached to the correct white ultrasuede. Option one: sequin flower.  The shape is good, but the size is small, and the pink flash of the ab finish is too much for this. petal-possible-1 Option two: petal beads plus the same center as the white daisy.  What I don’t like about this one is the separation of the petals.  I do like having the centers of both flowers the same.  The glass petals are pretty good, as is the overall size of the flower. petal-possible-3 Option three: bringing the petals in closely together and using a similar colored drop bead. I like overall shape of the flower better, but now there are no common elements between the two flowers.  I tried to put a few of the s/l topaz beads in the center, and that didn’t work.  These Swarovski flatbacks are too big. Maybe a size 6 in the s/l topaz would be better? petal-possible-2 Oh!  Maybe I can graduate from the biggest flower, my beaded one, to the gap-petaled flower, to the smaller flower with the drop in the center.  Crude Photoshopping…. petal-possible-4 That might work, particularly if I use a s/l topaz bead for the center of the smallest flower.

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    1. I wish I could get something between option 2 and 3 – made the centers more matching, with a smaller (or no) petal gap. I think I need to play some more. Time may not be found until Tuesday or Wed! Pbth. Thanks for the input!

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