Permanent finish galvanized beads failure

Less than two days of wear with this ring made of the permanent galvanized Tohos, and this is how the ring looks:

A detail of the damage:

I was very hard on this ring as I wanted to see what the beads will withstand: I lifted weights (not rubber-coated), showered, did dishes, and cleaned, including using Comet. This is sized to wear on my middle finger, and is tight enough to not rotate around my finger. I couldn’t get a good photograph, but one of the green matte beads also lost its finish on the hole side, where it apparently rubs against another bead — so not directly due to my abuse, but rubbing against its neighbors.

My take-away lesson is this:  these beads won’t withstand friction. I have heard from other beaders who bought earlier batches of these beads, and they tell me that theirs are more stable than this. I really like the colors, but this is unacceptable for use in any big project that I want to survive long-term. I’ll use them in little part-day projects that will receive easy wear, but that’s all. I wish I’d bought fewer of these beads.

4 thoughts on “Permanent finish galvanized beads failure”

  1. Thank you, Dulcey, for the experiment. I was intent to buy a large amount of this
    permanent finish galvanized beads. You’ve saved me a lot of money. lg – trillian

    1. You’re welcome! I think they can be used, but you have to carefully consider the wear on the end product. I just don’t want to have to be that careful – I want to bead knowing that my work will last!

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