Peranaken beadwork tablecloth

And something else I really want to see!  In Singapore, a 1.6 meter x 1.6 meter Peranaken beadwork tablecloth was recently restored.  It’s an early twentieth century beaded artifact — ornate bead-embroidered Victorian flowers and birds likely commissioned by a wealthy family for special occasions.  I read that Peranaken are descendants of Chinese immigrants.  I found an article here with one closeup picture, and a video here.  It’s on display at the Peranaken Museum until July 23rd, then on to Paris.

7/5/09 – Here’s another article with more images and information, from Singapore Sights.

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    1. There needs to be more pictures!! I spent a bit of time looking, once I learned about it, and this was what I could find. I’m with you – it’s not like I’m going to get to Paris or Singapore. Any readers in Paris? Please go see it for us!

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