Pearls, toothpicks, rubber, and wire

I wanted to do something little and fun.  I came across some half-drilled pearls, a gift from a friend, and remembered seeing something like skewers with pearls glued on the end.  Kelly helped me remember that the cover image below is what I was remembering:

Fab jewelry found objects

I checked this book out from the library a while ago, and enjoyed reading it.  I wanted to combine something like the above with a rubber grommet, on hand from the netted bracelets I make.  Because the circle is so much smaller, it’s more like spokes than the full necklace above.


The bail is rather half-baked.  It’s 22ga copper artistic wire wrapped with 28ga silver colored wire.  No way did I want to try to attach a bail to the glued elements, so I had to figure out a way to attach it to the grommet.  I think this would work, but I’d like the wrapped wire to be copper as well.  And have a wire-wrapper do neater wrappings for me!

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    1. Thank you Amber! Those pearls fit perfectly on the tips of toothpicks. And they seem to be holding firm. The toothpicks and grommet connection, I’m not so confident about. Oh well, fun playing with materials on hand!

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