Palawan toggle?

Remue-ménage recently published a design on her blog entitled Palawan, a very sleek-looking 4-around herringbone that encapsulates larger beads. Her instructions are here. The diagrams are plenty, if you’re like me and don’t speak French. Below is my attempt — which I may or may not use — to make the ring part of a toggle clasp for the bracelet. This is the good side — the crimp shows through more on the other side (to the lower left of the bottom bicone in this picture). I have to decide if I want to try again, or if this bracelet is going to have a right and wrong side.

Also, this is not quite right according to the instructions — I used stack stitch instead of herringbone. I meant to use herringbone, but I wasn’t paying attention until after I was well established. SO, the delicate slant of the beads in Remue-ménage’s version is missing.

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