Pictures from World of Beads

THANK YOU to My Lovely Beads for posting all the pictures of the happenings and the beadwork from this recent event held in New York City (The Bead Society of Greater New York).  I want a pizza bag!  I want a beaded snake!  I want a cornflower bracelet!  I want brain coral!  I want to be welcomed to Hawaii!  I want a vest of stars!  There are 114 pictures.  I recommend subscribing to their newsletter, there’s usually (always?) an artist profile to enjoy.

BFAC 2010, step 3


The front is assembled!  The rose montees aren’t glued on, but this is where I’m going to place them.  The beads left to use, as at least one of each bead in the kit must be used, are the 3mm jonquil Swarovski, the black hex beads, and the lampwork.  All will incorporated into the back pendant.  I estimate that I’ll need thirteen (or more) fans to complete the length — seven are made.  I will get it done in time!

Peranaken beadwork tablecloth

And something else I really want to see!  In Singapore, a 1.6 meter x 1.6 meter Peranaken beadwork tablecloth was recently restored.  It’s an early twentieth century beaded artifact — ornate bead-embroidered Victorian flowers and birds likely commissioned by a wealthy family for special occasions.  I read that Peranaken are descendants of Chinese immigrants.  I found an article here with one closeup picture, and a video here.  It’s on display at the Peranaken Museum until July 23rd, then on to Paris.

7/5/09 – Here’s another article with more images and information, from Singapore Sights.

Molly Murphy’s work on display

I’ve written before about Murphy; she won best of show and second place at the last Heard Museum Fair and Market.  She’s an Oglala bead artist from Montana, and I have seen one of her pieces in person at a museum here in Minnesota.  I just learned that she is part of an exhibit named Molly Murphy and Friends, at the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture in Bozeman, MT.  The show continues until July 24th.  I’d really love to see it.