Orange earrings

I realized a while ago that I had no all-orange earrings. I wear orange, so I’m not quite sure how this happened! Time to remedy this shortcoming in my jewelry.

These are orange rubber o-rings, with four different colors of orange beads brick stitched around the ring. I have three different orange beading threads (!), and picked the orange that matched the rings most exactly. They are 2″ from the top of the hook to the bottom of the beadwork.

I didn’t edit the images as I usually do, tweaking the color and taking out the background (I still lightened it a little) – I’m still working on my photography. Most prior blog photos are taken on white paper on my work surface with two Ott-lights above the beadwork. The purple tint in this one is from Reveal light bulbs on either side of my homemade light tent. I have different light fixtures and bulbs ordered. I’m hoping to be able to make a better light tent, and with the better light, be able to more easily get consistent, good photos.

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