November is here again

The last two Novembers, I’ve tried to reinforce or reinvigorate my beading “practice.” 2011 was moderately successful. 2012? Not so much. So here we are in 2013…

My work schedule has increased, but that’s not a good enough reason to not be beading and blogging regularly. I’ve been in a beading slump, and though I find things to blog about that aren’t about my beading, I feel like I should have at least some posts about my own work. And, since I’m not really getting anything done but minor fits and starts, I’m not blogging at all. That’s rather a spiraling downward, no?

So here’s my list of things to blog about: I want to say a little something about the glass exhibit at Corning, I saw some awesome baskets in California this summer, my Craigslist find (oh my!), coffee beading, beer beading, my 100 p0und “export,” Swedish glass, a mineral museum, and a digital resource for mid-century craft. Only two of these are of my work.

In these past two Novembers, I’ve resolved to (try to) bead every day. This November, I will do something bead-related every day. Writing this, and reading the newest Beadwork is counting for today!

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