No Bead International (Dairy Barn) in 2010

Bead International, a biennial bead exhibit well-regarded by the bead community, will not be held in 2010.  The Dairy Barn website says that if funding and increased support are received, that it may be held in the future.

It’s hard to see the effect of the economy on the arts communities.  One bead museum gone, another fighting (and winning!), and now Bead International.  Please support the arts as you can!


edited to add: Jill Smalley is exhibits director at Dairy Barn.  Nan C Meinhardt has spoken with Jill, and Jill suggests that those upset with this loss to contact her at  Please contact Jill and let her know how much you value Bead International as the excellent forum it is for innovation in the art of beadwork.  It isn’t possible to have it for 2010, but tell Jill how important it is to you as an artist, as inspiration, as a goal for yourself as an artist, whatever your reasons.  Please!

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