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The new tag cloud widget on the sidebar is a flash movie. What do you think? Cool? Distracting? What is no longer part of the tag cloud is the size relativity, where tags used more often are larger. If you wish, leave me a comment here and let me know. I’ve already changed the color of the font to match my other links, and I can also change the speed, I believe.

I would like to find a plugin that would inactivate blogroll links that haven’t been updated for a period of time (which I would set), and activate them again when the author is writing again. I know my blogroll is long and unwieldy. I love lots of links, personally, but I know not all do. I know there are plugins that rotate links, that may be my solution — but I’d like a “show all” option, if possible, for those who want to wile away the hours in front of the computer with endless links.

10/19 eta:  I have just added a random blogroll feature as well.  I have the number of links shown set to 20 — hit refresh, and it’ll create a different random list of 20 blogroll links (it pulls the links from the full list again, so you will likely see some of the same links from the first list).  I read all these blogs, but through a feedreader; for me, a more reasonable method of following many blogs.  I miss the formatting on the blogs using a feedreader, but I do click through once in a while.  No option to “see all,” sorry!

2 thoughts on “New tag cloud”

  1. Well, I like the new tag cloud. It follows my mouse, so it’s easy to find different tags. I think it’s pretty cool, and not distracting at all. Especially since the font color matches the blog. It’s good.

  2. I think I like it, too. I don’t like busy, tons of moving stuff webpages, but this isn’t necessary to the navigation to the page, and it’s off to the side — and it’s interesting.

    I just counted, I have 77 links in the blogroll (and that’s after deleting a handful which had been inactive for at least 2 months). That’s too many for a blogroll, great for a feed reader. I like giving the links to these great blogs, improves everyone’s hits/rankings.

    Shall we invent something? 🙂

    The other thing I want is inline comments, where the comments are directly beneath the post when you click on “comments.” These are at the bottom of the page. This theme, which I love, doesn’t support that.


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