9 Replies to “New Liza Lou exhibit”

  1. I would really like to see that. I watched a video on how Security Fence was made and it was very inspiring! Definitely one of my fav. bead artists! 😀

  2. Thanks, soe!! I like passing on what I see, and I’m glad that you find it interesting too.

    Those 2 miles of ropes that Liza Lou did? Somewhere in the exhibit information, it is written that she had a group of women in South Africa working on it. Still, even split up, doing that much of anything boggles my mind. How many of us get bored doing the second earring??

  3. Making more than one of anything makes me a bit balky, even if it’s my design and I like it! Some people have a more readily identified style because they fully explore a theme or a style. I think, ooo, pretty, let’s try this! And then that! And then something else!

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