My BFAC necklace is up for auction!


Here’s my necklace up for auction on eBay for Beading for a Cure, a project to honor Layne, a beader who lost her fight with colorectal cancer.  All proceeds go to the National Colorectal Cancer Research Association.  The button on the top of the left column links with the Beading for a Cure website, the gallery of items created, and this year’s auction schedule.

My necklace is a combination of 4-around and 6-around herringbone ropes, with some strung beads.

bfac-2008-closeupAnd at the back, a counterweight to keep the clasp on the back of the wearer’s neck.


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    1. Thanks, Katie! One of the challenges with the 2009 beads was the few colors of 11s. A couple of people added a rich blue, and I like how that looks with these colors – Dustin was one of them. Blue didn’t even occur to me. How are you doing on the current kit? I’m waiting on a part (lol, sounds like I’m talking about my car). Then see if it will work!

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