More duct tape wallets!


About a year and half ago, I made Bruno a duct tape wallet to replace an earlier one, which I’d also made.  It’s in this earlier post, with a few pictures of the process.  His has worn out, I made two more.  I sent him the purple wallet, and the blue wallet in the earlier post.  I’m keeping the black one so that I have an example on hand.  When I make one every year and a half or so, a working sample is good!

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  1. Ive been making a LOT of duct tape wallets for kids at my school. But on a couple of them i wasnt able to keep the pockets that the credit cards go in to stay on. So i was wondering how did you keep the pockets on stable?

    1. I tape the pockets inside and out on all three sides. The inside one essentially gets double-anchored, as the outer pocket is fully taped on top of it. Is that how you’re attaching the pocket? Since you’re doing a lot of them, I’m assuming you have new enough duct tape.

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