More beads of blue


Looking back at previous posts, here’s where I described the orange plastic beads I got as a gift from a friend — nearly a year ago.  Last May, I made the single orange bead – to see it alone in all its glory, look here.  Last August, I made a few of the blue beads.  It’s a good thing this isn’t my only project going!

So here’s where I am; I made 4 more of the blue beads today, bringing my total to 15 blue beads and one orange bead.  I think I want to make maybe 3 beads with a darker orange over a darker orange plastic bead?  I have a vintage glass button I hope to use as a clasp, and these colors reflect the button very well.  I had made a couple of the blue beads and the orange one before I went hunting to see if I had something that would work as a clasp, and was delighted to find it.

The bad news?  I have 12 more of the blue beads to make, and probably the darker orange ones, and the clasp to figure out as well.  Maybe in another year, I’ll have a finished project to show!

For the Beading for a Cure 2010 project, I am in a holding pattern for now (hence the blue beads).  I’m investigating the possibility of having a component made.  The orange-bead-giver-friend will be experimenting to see what she can do.  For those keeping score, this is idea #2 on my idea list for the kit beads.

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