Molly Murphy

Molly Murphy’s work is beautiful, creative, and immaculate.  She’s an Oglala artist from Montana, and makes traditional and non-traditional objects with a modern twist.  She won the Best of Show award AND second place at the Heard Museum Fair and Market in Phoenix, a very large, prestigious show.  Best of Show was this cradleboard, “Past is Prologue,” and second place was a sewing box, “She sews a flight of fancy.”  Here’s an article in the Missoulian about her work and her win, an earlier article from the same about a solo show she had in Missoula, and here’s a video interview with her from NewWest Missoula.

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    1. If I remember right, the sewing box was purchased by someone in my state — if they’d given any clues, I’d be knocking on their door! I’ve seen a couple of her pieces in person – a blanket with horses across the middle, and her street signs one. Wish I’d had a camera!! She’s amazing.

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