Minnesota State Fair 2011

Here are some of the pictures that I took at the Minnesota State Fair, which I attended about a month ago. Click on any to enlarge. Enjoy!

First up are pictures of the beadwork in the Creative Activities building, where everything entered is accepted. These are a few of the pieces that caught my eye. The turtle is Doug Limòn, whom I’ve written about before, and met briefly this past summer.

Here’s Crop Art, made solely with natural colored seeds glued onto paper. There were actually 2 QR codes. I still haven’t checked what it links to!

Finally, Fine Arts. This is very, very hard to jury into. I don’t remember the statistics, but acceptance rate is quite low. There was an exhibit to the left of the entrance consisting of highlights of previous entrants, which are two of the pictures – the Judy Onofrio mosaic of a woman in a canoe, and the orange and purple textile from Nancy MacKenzie. The square pink and purple quilted piece is from Mimi Holmes. I believe I’ve written about these three artists before.

2 thoughts on “Minnesota State Fair 2011”

  1. I love the bad and worse seeds! It took me a minute to get the vessel pouring out pearls. …and then I tried to write that as “purls” Too many crafts!

    1. I think the bad and worse seeds are funny too – as is Glinda the good witch and her good seed/bad seed! I didn’t catch the pearls/purls pouring out of the vessel right away either – and it’s a tiny piece, too. I like that it works whether you see what it is or not.

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