Minneapolis Institute of Arts – Art in Bloom 2009

Art in Bloom is held every year at MIA, for one long weekend in May.  Florists chose a piece of art, and recreate it somehow in flowers.  It’s very popular, and a wonderful way to spend an hour or so.









Yes, the original piece is beadwork.





This was based on a much darker painting, but I thought it looked like the muppet Beaker!



This is a closeup of a piece that looks like a Egyptian faience collar.

And finally, a non-flower related piece.  In one of the small galleries, which is usually Native American pieces, was an exhibit on pieces used in the Native American church.  There were two fans and a gourd rattle with beaded handles; this one had the most contrast, and the easiest to photograph.



Look, gourd stitch!  Not peyote, but gourd — where there’s three beads staggered, instead of two as in peyote.

If you’d like to see my pictures from last year, they are here.

Amusingly, as I left, I could have stopped for cheese curds at the cheese curd truck set up on the park on the north side of the museum.  The line was LONG.  Also, there was a guy strolling the park playing a squeezebox.  Just because?

I will be going back to MIA again by the end of the month.  There are several exhibits that I want to see before they are gone, but it was way too busy to do that during this visit.  If I see anything great, I’ll take pictures again.

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  1. Great pictures, thanks for sharing! I drove right by the MIA on opening night of Art in Bloom, but was picking up my daughter and didn’t have time to go. So I really enjoyed seeing at least a taste of it- and yes the one piece is TOTALLY Beaker!!!

    1. You’re welcome! It’s quite the zoo – I was parked on the street on the opposite side of the park; definitely not a ‘dash in and see it’ event. I understand that it’s cut flowers and only a Thurs-Sun event, but it’s hard to find time if it’s a weekend you work, etc. Literally, the Beaker piece, the painting was black with a gray figure. I like it better on it’s own.

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