Lost and found – and lost!

I purchased these Swarovski pendants back in March — and just discovered them again, mistakenly packed away with something else. I knew I had the bail, which I had purchased at the same time. This really is all I wanted to do with them; I’ll wear the necklace pendant on a gold chain. It would also be lovely on a strand of small pearls.

I wrote the above paragraph and took this photo last night, and wore these to work today. When I got home, one of the balls had popped of the earwires, and it and the crystal are nowhere to be found. My hope is that a child found it and has a new sparkly jewel! (And seriously, this blog post was first named “Lost and found” – I just threw on the last “lost”) So one of these days, I’ll have to buy another crystal and try to not misplace it for 9 months.

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