Looming complete!

I would love to sit back and just admire the completed looming. Finishing it is part of the package, though.

I’m going to stall on finishing it — I have half the warp unused, the warp which is now on the back of the loom. I can loosen the tension, spin this around to the back, and have empty warp on the front to fill. It took a lot of time to warp this, and it only makes sense to make the best use of that time and effort. Right?

I have a couple of choices. I think I know where I want to hang this finished piece in my house, in a small hallway. A second loomed piece, related but not the same (maybe different size and shape, some changed color), would look good on the opposite side of the door where this would be hung. My other thought is that it would be fun to make a bracelet.

I’ll think on it.

4 thoughts on “Looming complete!”

  1. Very cool! I like the way it turned out. How big is it? Sounds reasonable to me to use that warp to good advantage.


  2. Thank you! It’s 6.5″ wide, and 5.5″ tall. I think I should use the warp, too. I don’t care that much about wasting the thread — there’s an image when I’m warping of the size of the cone — but wasting the time I spent warping seems silly. I think I’ll weave a header and footer, maybe 1/2″? I can always take it out, if I don’t want to use it.

  3. Do you have enough room to do two panels – same colours, different look?
    I love it by the way!!! It’s so cool and the colours are great! You must feel great that this part is done!

  4. I would have room for 2 smaller panels, 3″ wide. I would have to think if that’s what I want to do… Thanks for the compliment, I do feel great that this part is done. I’ll feel even better when I have the warps taken care of. 🙂

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