3 thoughts on “Liza Lou”

  1. I have seen some of these pieces, the kitchen, the broom and scoop, dishes in the sink with blue water out the faucet, the backyard with the barbecue. In general, mostly her “woman’s work” type of pieces.

    They are overwhelming up close, and somewhat kitschy.

    1. I’ve only seen them in pictures – which subdues the “en masse” feeling you would get seeing the pieces in person, especially the big installations. I am sure it looks kitschy – maybe part of the point?

  2. When they had the backyard in Santa Monica in a museum, Lou had used everyone, children, adult volunteers and even the museum guards to string the thousand and thousands of grass blades on wire from green beads by the kilograms.

    Her genius is in making these installations portable so they can travel, get reassembled with some ease, and be shown/seen in many places.

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