Lisa Call, textile artist

I really am a bead person as far as whom I read and follow online, with a couple notable exceptions. Lisa Call is one of them, an artist of abstract contemporary textile art. She hand-dyes her own fabric, and creates all her pieces one piece at a time (no strip quilting). Lisa creates both large and small pieces, making her art available to all.

She recently posted on her blog about small works for sale, and I jumped on it, purchasing the two ACEOs below (an ACEO is an Artist Trading Card that is sold, versus traded).

Pictures by Lisa Call, used with permission.

I recently received them in the mail, and I am wildly pleased. First, the color and composition are very pleasing and well-balanced, I love the use of color and value in the work, and the subtle variations evident in the hand-dyed fabric. Second, I am a capable, but mostly disinterested seamstress; that is, I can sew well enough for my occasional purposes. Enough to know how excellent Lisa’s technique is, and art is definitely improved/sustained by technique.

Her blog is an interesting read. As well as enjoying the pictures of her work (she’s also published in several books, and has shown in various venues), she writes about her process, and her art business.

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