Lisa Businka beaded bead


Lisa recently posted her instructions for making this beaded bead on her blog.  The text is in Russian, but the pictures are generous and clear.  I have very few beads that are not seed beads, so I started by searching for 6mm rounds, as she states.  I didn’t find much in my stash, but gave these cathedral beads a try.  They work well, except that with their squarish shape, it can be harder to get the needle into the size 11 bead at the corners of the cathedrals because the big bead gets in the way.  Good thing my needles are always bent!  I’ll make this into a pendant with a big headpin, I think.  There’s not really an easy way to string this on something; the gold layer of beads fill in the gaps.  I think I’d like to find some gold-colored beadcaps?

Okay, what next?  I’ve been doing lots of littler projects, and I’m starting to feel like something bigger, even if it’s something I’ve already started, that is unfinished.

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    1. Thank you! It was easy, too. I used a heavyweight thread (F?) for the construction of the ball, then switched over to Nymo D for the smaller beads. It’s sturdy! I’m thinking about the bail, if I make a simple wrapped loop, what necklace am I going to wear it on? Maybe just a leather cord….

  1. Thank you for sharing that blog. LOVE that beaded bead & I think I just might have to give it a try too. The Cathedrals work wonderfully with that design.


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