Lapis and pyrite pendant


Thanks so much to my friend Katherine, who when she went to Chile, kept her eye out for something for me to bead. We met for lunch when she returned, and she poured this lovely lapis cab out of a bag. It is a lovely, rich blue with very attractive pyrite inclusions. I made something simple, but a bit unusual. I attached the cab to a herringbone rope at the bottom with some pyrite beads. There’s about 7″ of unattached rope on either side of the cab, so this forces a nice reverse arc in the herringbone when worn, as shown.

I have a small photography setup that I have used in the past – but it takes up room on my work table. I took this photo without it, and it’s okay, but not great. That’s a reflection of my Ott-light in the cab, not ideal. Some day, I’ll figure it out!

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