Joyce Scott — Thanks Mary and Chris!

Reading Mary Tafoya’s blog, she and Chris Prussing found images of some of Joyce Scott’s work online. Joyce doesn’t have a website, so this is a treat!

Check out Bmoreart (Baltimore art blog) for a couple of images, and Goya Contemporary (Baltimore gallery) for FOUR pages of images.

Mary interviewed Joyce for the December 2003 issue of Beadwork, if you have access to this magazine. I took a weeklong class from Joyce at Split Rock Arts in Minnesota in 2003, I believe. A beaded figure that I made after the class is here.

4 thoughts on “Joyce Scott — Thanks Mary and Chris!”

  1. Lucky you!

    I know, she really can get the beads to do what she wants them to. And she works fast, and when I watched her, she didn’t take anything back to fix it….

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