Joyce Scott is teaching at Haystack!

Joyce Scott is teaching at Haystack in Maine from August 26 to September 1st. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss, if you’re at all interested. Joyce doesn’t teach that often, and she is a wonderful teacher (I took her week-long beaded figure class) – amongst and around being invigorated with her teaching, she will tell you wonderful stories, and sing you songs. I promise! Her class is Humorous Beadwork: “The peyote stitch and its variations will be used to explore how the lowly bead can convey hilarity through skilled craftsmanship, allowing the viewer to realize the hidden meaning of an ordinary flower, clown’s face, or strung line. Students will take up the guise of jester thru jokes, sarcasm, and connivance as the main goals in their beadwork.”

Teresa Sullivan is assisting, whom I’ve also met and enjoyed, and the two will make a great team.

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    1. That would be awesome, to go with you! Get thee to Hawaii, but rats! I haven’t completely ruled out applying (deadline is April 1, I believe), but I don’t know. It would be a wonderful experience, in a beautiful location.

  1. I can promise you that we will rock the house. You’re right, an opportunity to learn from Joyce is not to be missed. I’ll be bringing the angel/devil neckpiece (yes, they perch on one’s shoulders) I’ve been working on, even if it’s not yet completed. I hope you can join us!

    1. Thanks, Teresa! It would be great to see you again, and like we agree, have the opportunity to learn from Joyce! I’m thinking, have to figure out if it works. And then make it into the class.

  2. I’m in!!!!!!!! Woooohoooo!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to meet both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m so excited. I’m so glad I’m going to sortof know someone there. Phew. At least I know you both from your online work.

    1. Congratulations, Susan!! It looks to be awesome, and the pictures show a beautiful setting! Report back, please! I didn’t apply, so I won’t be there. Yay for you, you rock!

      1. Hi Dulcey
        Thanks! I plan to take my iPad along and post 🙂
        If you’re still interested in going, write to Haystack….there may be an opening left….. :):):)

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