Joyce Scott at Grounds For Sculpture

Joyce Scott has the exhibition “Harriet Tubman and Other Truths” on display now at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey until April 1, 2018. The description from the website:

“In her most comprehensive exhibition to date, artist Joyce J. Scott weaves narratives with brightly colored tiny glass seed beads, sleekly sensuous and luxurious Murano glass, and fanciful found objects. Her subject matter is topical and often unsettling, powerfully presenting images dealing with racism, classism, slavery, and misogyny. Due to her deft use of seductive materials and her intrinsic wit, her art conveys a deep reverence for the human spirit, for familial lines, and for the inherent spirituality of people and things. Guest co-curated by Lowery Stokes Sims and Patterson Sims.”

Oh my goodness, please, watch the video at the exhibition link. You get to hear Joyce sing and talk, see pictures of her throughout her life, see her in Thunder Thighs Review, and see her studio. Really, you want to watch these 10+ minutes. It is very enjoyable, “…I came out of my mom’s womb and said to the doctor, ‘Move, you’re in my light.’ ” A very thoughtful and enjoyable interview production.

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