Jack and Linda Fifield

I looked at a copy of American Style magazine today, and listed on the cover is “Craft Collaborators Jack and Linda Fifield.” I thought the names looked familiar, turned to the article — and yes, they should be familiar, I have her name on my links page of my website. They are both woodturners, and she is a beader in addition, adding beadwork to turned vessels. The description in the article of her beadwork was written by someone who doesn’t bead, “She threads tiny Czech glass beads onto nylon filaments that cross, making a net to encase a form.” It’s peyote, beautifully done.

A current project that she’s working on is a vessel Jack turned, 4 FEET tall, “the whopper.” Linda has been working on it a year, and is one-third done.

The entire article is online! Not all the pictures are, but a picture of my favorite vessel included tops the article. Also check out their website.

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  1. Oooh, I like the fire on the mountain and ring of fire vessels! The combination pieces are nice too, glass and wood together is almost as good as glass and wool.

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